7 Jan 2013

Custom iPhone Tank Chargers created by PHU

I’m pretty sure you’re not a kid anymore but these iPhone Tank Chargers are so awesome that you’ll probably want one right after looking at these photos. Created by an acclaimed tech/toy designer from Singapore simply named PHU, these iPhone chargers are definitely one of a kind.

These useful toys, priced at $395, resemble robotic tanks, and have been hand-constructed of both found objects and re-purposed model fittings. The chargers will be available in two designs, the DATA yellow/black for the iPhone 4 and 4s and the M.A.C. red/grey for the new iPhone 5 but apparently you can even get one fully customized or a masterpiece version if you contact the Four Corner Store where these gadgets will be available.

The Tanks feature a built in charge stable with iPhone USB cables that hide out of sight in the charger itself. Is this the coolest iPhone charger? Maybe..