6 Mar 2017

Cuddling Leads To More Sex…At Least In Canada

Want to have more time under the sheets with your partner? And I don’t mean sleeping, what I’m talking about is some serious action. When was the last time you’ve had sex passionately anyway? If your answer is just yesterday, or earlier today, then sorry bro, not everyone is a lucky guy like you.

For those mere sex mortals who don’t enjoy a lot of alone time with the ladies, we have reason to believe that cuddling might be the answer. A recent survey by the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (along with Trojan Condoms) showed that women thought sex was more pleasurable with cuddling after than without.

There’s a scientific reason for this.

Yes, there is. Apparently, a substance called oxytocin, which is also known as the “bonding hormone” is released by the body after sex. This is the exact hormone that makes us feel vulnerable after making love.

So…if you’re going to cuddle, how long do you need to do this? Science says six minutes. This is the average time that you need to cuddle with your partner, and anything less than the six minute mark would not be counted.

Don’t worry, you can do a lot of things during these six minutes. You can spend this time to get to know more about each other. You guys can talk about the small things, while she rests on your chest (so manly!). You can play with her hair, touch her skin fondly, maybe even go for another round! Who knows?

Want to feel more relaxed? How about giving each other affectionate back rubs? Yes, that’s the stuff. Don’t think that the extra cuddle is just for the ladies! Apparently, us gents enjoy it just as much. In any case, one thing’s for sure: cuddle or no cuddle, do what she enjoys because the more enjoyable sex is for her, the more sex it is for you.