3 May 2017

Why Creative People Need Day Jobs

What qualifies you as a creative person? Is it the way you think? The way you live your life? Well, usually we have already “stereotyped” creativity as just the arts. Artistic people. They are the creative people as well. But author Elizabeth Gilbert points out that just by living in constant curiousity while trying to overcome fear is already enough to qualify as living a creative life.

Creative People Need Day Jobs

In order to make this post easier to understand though, let me define the terms of creativity for this article. Creativity means following your passion. Passion is what you love doing best, something that you enjoy doing so much that you don’t care if it brings you profit or if you spend so much time on it, you just know that everything’s going to be worth it because it’s making you happy.

Living The Dream

Get online. It is easy to find people who own blogs and social media accounts, stating that they are living the life. They are living their passions, their dreams. They usually own YouTube accounts, inspiring other people to follow their own dreams. And while all of that is well and good, it also creates an illusion that following that path is easy, because it’s not.

Don’t put the pressure on the thing you love best.

A lot of them might advise you to leave your current job if you’re not happy. Well, I suggest doing otherwise. Don’t leave your job. Don’t depend on your passion to earn money for you. Don’t pressure it. Otherwise, you might end up losing it entirely. You’ll start hating it because it’s putting you and your family’s financial stability in jeopardy, and once that happens, you’ll also get frustrated and demotivated and worse…you wouldn’t enjoy doing it anymore.

The answer? Don’t live your current job but don’t let it eat your precious time that you can spend on more important things, like guess what? You passion! Stop going on unpaid overtime. Stop pushing yourself at work too hard, UNLESS your work’s your passion. Good luck!