8 Dec 2017

Crafting That Perfect Mulled Wine For Cold Christmas Mornings

Know Jamie Oliver? That badass cook that make us all look like a bunch of kitchen sissies. Fortunately, he’s not the selfish type and shares his culinary works on television and through cook books. Unfortunately for a lot of us, watching and reading are still not enough to translate the goodness we see on our screens to our dinner tables. Hopefully, though, preparing drinks is not as complicated as those Italian dishes he prepare that’s as hard to pronounce as they are to make.

Mulled Wine

Making The Perfect Mulled Wine, Jamie Oliver Style

Prepare two clementines, a lemon, and a lime, and peel them all using a peeler. Next, put 200 grams of caster sugar into a large saucepan, put in on medium heat, then add the peels from earlier. Squeeze in the clementine juice as well.

Now, it’s time to spice it up. Add six whole cloves, a cinnamon stick, 10-12 gratings of nutmeg, and the essence of a halved vanilla pod. After the spices, you can already add the wine which must be enough to cover the sugar.

Simmer the concoction until the sugar has melted into the wine, and continue to do so until it comes to a rolling boil. Keep it rolling for a couple of more minutes, until you have a gloriously delicious and thick syrup. Getting this solid syrup base right is the secret to creating the perfect mulled wine because the flavors get infused better creating that deep flavor, without burning off all the alcohol.

Once the syrup is ready, go ahead and bring the heat down a bit, add two star anise for that last punch of spice, add another bottle of wine and heat it for another five minutes more. Italian red wine is your best bet for this recipe by the way.

The only thing left is calling out to your friends and family to ladle this hot piece of heaven into their Christmas mugs.