31 Jan 2012

Cora Skinner in lingerie will mesmerize you

And.. the hottest girl you’ll see all day is here, the stunningly hot Cora Skinner, making my head spin like a damn cartoon character with a brand spanking new batch of lingerie photos. Yeah, that’s exactly what might happen to you as well after drooling for about ten minutes at the next gallery.

Here she is doing what she probably does best.. and in case you’re completely clueless, or blind, it’s showing off her killer curves once again. Although only mentioning her curves isn’t fair.. Cora is amazing from head to toe, from front to back, her curves, her beautiful eyes, her lips, her awesome sex appeal,  her ravishing things.. I could go on and on all day.

This time Cora Skinner is modeling hotness lingerie from Moe (never heard of ’em) in one hell of a shoot that should keep you occupied for a while. Enjoy!