9 Jun 2017

To Confess Or Not To Confess: Telling Your Partner You’ve Cheated

You’ve screwed up, big time…so do you have to confess? A lot of guys would say it’s better to keep your mouth shut, while your conscience would keep bugging you that it might really be better to just come clean. Here is a quick guide whether or not that’s the right thing to do.

making confession to your partner

To Confess

First of all, you need to understand that there are two types of cheating. The first one is just a one-time thing. We’re human, we screw up. While the other type of cheating is the full-blown affair. You keep on thinking about her more than your partner. You are more emotionally invested already in your affair as compared with your “legal” relationship.

If, by any chance, it’s the second type of relationship then you are now faced with two choices: would you stay with your current partner, or would you leave her for the new one? But brother, whichever path you choose, you would still have to confess in the end.

Why? The reason is because there might important clues as to what’s missing in your relationship within the affair. It’s probably those factors that have lead you to cheat and not really the person herself. These things are important to discuss especially when both of you are trying to patch things up. You would be surprised on how educational having an affair is and how much it tells you about yourself and your partnership.

Or Not To Confess

But if it’s only a one-time thing and you really believe that it won’t happen again, then there’s really no point in telling your partner and letting her go through that heartache just for a silly fling. You still need to keep your responsibility though. Don’t stumble again. If you find yourself stumbling over and over again, then you still need to confess – that and to find a therapist.