28 Nov 2011

Completely Bad-Ass Carbon Fiber Stormtroopers

Gosh, I think this might be one of the coolest inventions for the nerd in you since the smartphone came out. A couple of guys working at San Diego Composites came up with the brilliant idea of designing the most bad-ass Stormtrooper suits out there, made from real carbon fiber.

Combining work with pleasure, they’ve had the consent from their boss and all tooling and materials in hand for this awesome project. The process was quite expensive and quite arduos at times but in the end they’ve managed to create four Stormtrooper suits in full carbon fiber glory.

If these aren’t the most awesome Stormtroopers you’ve ever seen, then I think you don’t even know what Stormtroopers are. I don’t have a clue if these will ever go on sale, but I hope they will one day.