4 Jan 2012

Complete Technique Nike Snowboarding Boots American Eagle

If you live somewhere in the northern hemisphere like we do, it’s probably freaking cold outside and snowing right now. I used to love winter while I was just a kid but now the only thing that I love about it is… snowboarding. And today we’re going to show you a pair of craaazy snowboarding boots that will make you stand out on the slopes from miles away.

Osamu Koyama, the designer behind Complete Technique, wanted to make something truly unique for those who love snowboarding and that’s how he came up with American Eagle, an awesome pair of snowboarding boots based on Nike’s Zoom Force 1 that might even make you fly on snow.

Inspired by Japanese cartoons, the designer molded and shaped each golden plates into forms with Nike’s snowboarding boots in the middle. As a finishing touch, he added an opal pendant at the boot’s front, just in case you’ve thought they weren’t luxurious or crazy enough.