24 Apr 2012

ColorWare Collection Illusion Beats by Dre headphones

I’ve seen a lot of customized Beats by Dr Dre headphones already, most of them waaay too blinged-out for my taste, but the ones you’re about to see right now are freaking awesome. The guys from ColorWare recently introduced the Illusion Beats collection, a couple of incredible headphones finished with a unique iridescent paint scheme.

The headphones are still the same Studios Headphones from Beats by Dr. Dre but the color turns them into something completely different, way more attractive and stylish. This unique paint scheme is meticulously applied, and the color actually shifts to various degrees right before you like a chameleon.

The ColorWare Collection Illusion Beats will come in three paint schemes: Blue to Red, Red to Gold and Gold to Silver, each of them coming with a ColorWare ultra suede case and individually engraved. They’re now available at ColorWare for a limited time only and for.. “just” $1,000.