7 Jun 2017

A Closer Look At The Suzuki RA125: In Memory Of One Of The World’s Greatest Bros, Battle Hopper

Growing up every boy in our neighborhood have their own personal superhero that they love and look up to. In my case, when I was little of course, I have my own fair share of admiration and roleplaying of my most influential super hero that I would consider as my idol, and pretty much the guiding light of what my image of what I would love to become when I grow up, or in our man language: my image of what a real man is. And that super hero would be the famous Titan like, mask wearing and motor cycle riding hyper vigilante Kamen Rider Black or commonly known as Masked Rider Black in the western hemisphere of the world.

And Masked Rider Black would not be complete without his very reliable partner, and what I would say the most awesome, and greatest sentient bro of all Battle Hopper that uses one of Japan’s earliest rock and roll motorcycle brand the Suzuki RA125. This old school bad ass motor cycle that merits the right to the portrayal of my childhood superhero Masked Rider Black has four hundred fifteen horse power, a speed of 500 kilometers per hour, weighs one hundred eighteen point two kg, has a length of two hundred twenty two centimeters, and has an approximately height of one hundred twenty four centimeters. No wonder it can go through obstacles by literally jumping through them, speed through different terrains with utter haste and ease. Not to mention the final attack by Masked Rider Black using Battle Hopper as its medium.  This bad ass motorcycle is not only fast but also has an impeccable flexibility and maneuverability that is agile you can actually perform stunts you can never dream of.