13 Apr 2012

Claudia Salinas looking like a hot little minx

I wasn’t planning on posting these wonderful photos until sometime next week but today is seriously lacking in the sexy celebrity babe department so.. this seems like an great photoshoot to start the day. Meet Claudia Salinas, an adorably hot Mexican model, actress and former ballerina that I’m sure most of you guys and gals don’t know yet.

Here she is looking like a supernova of hotness in a couple of photos that will surely make you remember her name from now on. In case you wanna know more about this peach, all I could tell you is that she’s been features in quite a lot of magazines and appeared in many commercials already aaand she even has a wiki page so I guess you could say she’s pretty famous right now, at least in Mexico.

And today she finally has our full and undivided attention thanks to these sexy little outfits and thanks to her awesome poses. She’s teasing us with her gorgeous body and making us want even more. If we find any new photoshoot of this girl, we’ll be back with more for sure. Enjoy!