19 Oct 2010

Claudia La Gatta leaves very little to the imagination

Claudia La Gatta 1

You probably don’t have a clue who Claudia La Gatta is and well, she’s a brand spanking new face for us too. She’s apparently a model and actress from Venezuela, a country that probably gave the world more beauty pageant winners than any other country out there.

It’s pretty hard to stand out of the pack there but this peach surely managed to do that with her amazing body. She’s got the right curves in all the right places and she’s not afraid to show off her totally rocking body to us all. That’s just enough to get our attention right?

Anyway, the local mens magazine called Urbe Bikini has just featured a jaw dropping photoshoot with Claudia La Gatta barely wearing any clothing and looking absolutely stunning. Apart from showing off almost every inch of her sweet body, this peach also has a naughty make-up that’s quite a turn on. Enjoy!