6 May 2010

Claudia Ciardone in lingerie is definitely a must see

Claudia Ciardone lingerie 1

We’ve posted a while ago a scorching hot bikini photoshoot with Claudia Ciardone for Paparazzi Online but now this stunning blonde is back with some new delightful pics to please our eyes. This time Claudia Ciardone is showing off her groovy body in some skimpy lingerie items for Paparazzi Online May 2010 edition.

Her perfectly shaped body got her to fame in Argentina where Claudia is one of the most popular models and she’s now called the “Queen of all Thongs”. We can clearly see why she’s called like that when we take a closer look to her amazing curves and if you would ask me, this girl is close to a 10.

She appeared in a couple of local mens magazines but I think it’s time everyone in the whole world should know this chick. She’ll probably impress us with more pics like these in the future and all we can say is… keep ’em coming!