9 Aug 2012

Cintia Dicker in swimwear is just what you need!

Gosh, if these breathtaking swimwear photos featuring the incomparable Cintia Dicker don’t knock your socks off, then I guess nothing will. She’s looking like her usual vision of uber perfection in this Bond-themed photoshoot for a new swimwear collection from Wildfox called Diamonds are Forever, like the good old 007 movie that I’m sure we all loved.

This set of pictures is proof that she’s undeniably one of the sexiest, if not THE sexiest, redhead on the planet. After drooling over this photoshoot for at least half an hour, I really think she should be a Bond girl in the next 007 movies, because let’s face it, she’s drop. Dead, sexy and she would be perfect for the role.

I think I’ve posted hundreds of photos of Cintia already, and I’ve probably used every single cool word to describe her hotness but I’m starting to feel that words don’t do justice to this redhead goddess from Brazil. If you have a thing for redheads, this is as good as it gets my friends.. Enjoy!