20 Jun 2011

Cinthia Moura is back and looking hotter than ever

Alright mates, are you ready to kick off a brand spanking new week? Great, ’cause I have a couple of surprises for you! Here’s Brazilian bombshell Cinthia Moura unleashing her drop dead sexy bikini curves once again in the Monday Bikini Photoshoot and.. hot damn, these photos could not have come at a better time.

Why is that, you ask? Umm… because the shoot is called Monday Bikini Photoshoot and it’s Monday today d’oh. I’m glad this peach is back in our attention because it’s been years I think since I’ve last had the privilege of drooling over her mesmerizing curves.

I remember I’ve seen a couple of photos with Cinthia Moura looking hot as molten lava a couple of years ago in Maxim which made me think she was one of the most beautiful girls on the entire planet but then I don’t know what happened with her.. but she went off our radar.

But now I’m more than glad because she’s back in our attention. Enjoy these photos and, if you really like Cinthia, just google her and you’ll be really impressed by the photos you’ll find with her.