20 Sep 2010

Ciara’s super tight body never fails to amaze me

Ciara Maxim 1

Raise your hands if you think Ciara is a bit underrated at the moment. I imagine there are a lot of hands up right now so… you probably agree with me on this, right? This peach deserves to be just as popular as Rihanna because she definitely has what it takes to be a world wide sensation.

Of course, she’s pretty well known at the moment but Ciara deserves a lot more than that! I don’t think I can say that I like only a certain thing from this girl because let’s face it, she has the whole package! She oozes sexiness from every inch of her perfectly shaped body and with those eyes she could make any of us fall for her instantly.

She went off our chick-radar for a while but now Ciara back in our attention with a new album and a screaming hot photoshoot for the latest issue of Maxim. She’s posing in bikinis and… I probably lost you already when you’ve read that. Enjoy!