12 Aug 2010

Christina Hendricks looking red hot for GQ

Christina Hendricks GQ UK 1

Christina Hendricks is definitely the type of woman who could easily drive any man crazy and probably that’s why she got the role from Mad Men in the first place. Apart from being the queen of cleavage, this peach is also one of the hottest natural redheads in the entire world.

It’s a rare thing when you can actually meet a redhead that’s extremely attractive because they’re like… a different breed. If you put together her stunning rollercoaster body and the fact that’s she’s an extremely hot redhead which is very rare, you’ll see why she’s one of the most desired women on the planet these days.

This babe never disappoints and whenever I see a new batch of pics with her my days get a looot better but I’m a bit disappointed by these pics you’re about to see. The UK GQ magazine featured Christina Hendricks in their September 2010 Issue and apart from dropping the usual cleavage hotness she even poses in lingerie.

Now, that’s definitely hot but this photoshoot just looks weird. They made her white as milk and that’s not that great at all. When you have Christina posing for your magazine in lingerie, you just don’t do that! GQ UK, please fire your photographer or whoever had this idea.