22 Sep 2010

Christina De Kerpel looking damn hot and very naughty

Christina De Kerpel Che 1

Here’s a hottie you’ve probably never heard of, coming straight from Belgium, Christina De Kerpel, a 22 year old model ready to drop many many jaws to the floor with her stupendous body! I know very little about this girl at the moment, but she’s really hot and that’s all that matters, right?

The newest issue of the Belgian mens magazine Che features an amazing pictorial with Christina De Kerpel looking hot enough to melt all icebergs on the planet. If this chick was on the Titanic and went on the deck wearing nothing but lingerie, that iceberg would have melted itself instantly.

I dated a girl who looked really close to this peach last year for a couple of months and after I’ve seen these stunning pics with Christina… I think I should give her a call. Anyway, back to this peach. Smokin’ hot! Enjoy!