7 Aug 2013

Chrissy Teigen is looking to get married.. in bikinis

Arguably one of the scariest words to us guys, after “pregnant” is “marriage”. But what if one of the most gorgeous supermodels on the face of the planet right now, the adorably hot Chrissy Teigen, would show off her ridiculously sexy bosom, killer booty, and bodacious curves, in a drool inducing set of bikini-busting photos from the 2013 Beach Bunny Collection while talking about marriage? Would that scare you off?!

Whatever fears or horror dreams she will bestow upon you with that word, she surely makes up in hotness. She is looking bodacious as ever and I’m pretty sure that prancing around on the beach in these hot bikinis would make anyone squirm uncontrollably. I’ve already drooled over many photos with Chrissy but this shoot is at a totally different level. Do I want to touch her body? I do!

I can gush over every single inch and curve of this girl’s ridiculously sexy body endlessly, but Chrissy Teigen is not that hot to make us walk into the valley of shadow of death but she is worthy of our droolin’ and undivided attention, and.. some sexy, naughty thoughts.. Enjoy!