17 Nov 2009

Cheryl Tweedy Cole’s calendar just made my day

Cheryl Tweedy Cole calendar 1

If you haven’t decided yet which calendar you want on your desk in 2010 you should definitely go for this one full with amazing pictures with Cheryl Tweedy Cole. This super hottie is showing off her insanely hot curves which had me mesmerized for a couple of minutes. Probably all other calendars aren’t that great if you compare them with this one and even though she’s not showing too much skin or that incredible hot leg tattoo in these pictures, she’s still gorgeous.

FHM named her the sexiest woman in the world ago and even though I don’t really agree with these hot women polls, I’m pretty sure Cheryl Tweedy Cole is one of the hottest girls at the moment. Every new photoshoot with her makes my day better and if you add to that the latest episode from How I met your Mother, you just know you’re going to have an awesome day.

So… here you have probably the best calendar to sit on your desk in 2010. Enjoy!