2 Sep 2010

Cheryl Tweedy Cole’s 2011 calendar is so freaking hooot!

Cheryl Tweedy Cole 2011 calendar 1

Due to an unknown reason we had no internet yesterday and we were forced to take a day off. We ended up drinking and laughing about weird stuff so I can’t say we weren’t enjoying this. Now… we needed something great to make up the lost day and we definitely have a treat for you guys today!

The ultra hot Cheryl Tweedy Cole is back with a jaw dropping calendar for 2011 that’s definitely a must have on every man’s office. I’ve gushed over this peach dozens of times and, as you can easily see from any of these photos, she deserves all the praise she gets.

She’s even single now, really popular and pretty damn rich so she might be the e perfect woman for each of us. She’s one of the hottest women on the planet, if not the hottest at the moment and no matter how many times I see her, I can’t get enough of this peach.

You can also see in a couple of pictures her ultra sexy tattoo on her thigh, which is one of the sexiest tattoos I’ve ever seen on a women!