30 Sep 2011

Chelsea Salmon leaving very little to the imagination

I’m sure most of you guys don’t have a clue who Chelsea Salmon is but… after gushing over the following photos with this peach, you’ll surely remember her name and her amazing little body. She’s another blonde bombshell from US who’s trying to make it big both in modeling and in acting and… all I can say is that she definitely has the right looks for that.

She had a short appearance in Entourage a while ago from what I found out and now she’s finally done the right thing to get our full and undivided attention: she took her clothes off and posed in lingerie. Oh yeah, that’s what any girl should do.. So, here’s Chelsea Salmon showing off her very groovy body in a ton of new drop dead sexy lingerie photos for the newest collection from Bare Necessities.

Alright guys, I’m going to cut this one short considering the level of hotness that this photoshoot is exuding so you can stop reading this right now and get to the clickin’ and drooling part. Go on…