12 Jul 2012

Chelsea Salmon in sexy swimwear.. lord have mercy!

Normally, I’m not a fan of salmon but.. this breathtaking photoshoot might change my mind haha. Here’s one of the most underrated supermodels from the US, the adorably hot Chelsea Salmon, looking absolutely ravishing, and totally dropping our jaws while posing for the brand new Vitamin A swimwear collection.

Hot damn, it looks like I need more salmon and vitamin A in my life. I’m uber happy because these guys picked Chelsea to model their new swimwear collection because, let’s face it, she looks like a sexy little fox whenever she’s trying on a bikini. I’ve seen her in lingerie a couple of months ago and, yeah, she’s stunning, but in bikinis she’s ten times more amazing!

And not only is she looking all kinds of hot and showing off her ridiculously sexy curves, but she’s also smiling to the camera every single time and looks like she’s inviting me for a swim. That’s it, I’m gonna stop here because I feel like I’m going to embarrass myself soon. There are over 100 photos in the gallery below (128 to be more exact) so take some time off and.. enjoy!