11 Feb 2011

Charlotte Jackson unleashes her ridiculously sexy curves

Now before you guys ask… no, I have no clue who this girl is, but since we’ve kicked off the day with one of the hottest British models out there, we’ve thought another hotness from England might be just what the doctor ordered in the last work day of the week.

From what I’ve heard, Charlotte Jackson is a British journalist/model/tv presenter at Sky Sports which means she’s like the British equivalent of Erin Andrews. That’s more than enough to get your attention, eh? But this blonde hottie is even better than Erin because she posed in bikinis and has been featured in several lads mags from the UK.

These Brits are damn lucky being able to see this peach and sports on the same channel and then they also get to gawk at her rollercoaster curves in bikinis. Anyways, we’ve gathered a gallery with some of the sexiest photos with UK hottie Charlotte Jackson to keep you guys occupied this afternoon. Enjoy!