25 Jun 2012

Catrinel Menghia looking sultry from head to toe

Hold on to your hats my friends… ’cause we have a sexy little treat for you guys and gals right now. Here’s my favorite Romanian supermodel, the adorably hot Catrinel Menghia, busting out her ridiculously sexy curves once again in skimpy lingerie from Lise Charmel’s new collection.

Sweet lord, is this one of the most perfect bodies you’ve ever drooled over or what !? Of course it is.. And if you can peel your eyes away from said ridiculously sexy and perfect body, you can easily see that this girl is just beyond hot. Those lips, those eyes.. Catrinel could make you melt like ice cream on a hot summer day with a single look.

We’ve already posted quite a lot of photos from Lise Charmel with this peach and every single photo was truly breathtaking.  Enjoy these new photos wit Catrinel Menghia and.. try not to have an aneurysm.