1 Dec 2011

Catrinel Menghia in ridiculously sexy lingerie? Hell yeah!

I’ve been holding onto these mind blowing lingerie photos with my favorite Romanian supermodel, the beautiful Catrinel Menghia, for quite some time now.. but today seems like the perfect day to share ’em with you guys and gals, because one of our fans asked us to feature this peach again since it’s apparently Romania’s national day.

So.. here’s Catrinel Menghia doing what she does best,  and in case you didn’t know this already, it’s showing off her incredible curves in skimpy lingerie for Lise Charmel. These photos are pretty old but I still wanted to post them because a) it’s one of the hottest photoshoots with this scorching hot babe, b) I’m sure most of you haven’t seen them yet and c) an overdose of naughty lingerie hotness is always good for your eyes, right?

So enjoy these photos of one of the sexiest models in the world and her uber perfect body and also check out the related articles below for even more Catrinel Menghia hotness.