8 Feb 2012

Catrinel Menghia gives some drool inducing poses

Guess what? Just when you’ve started to recover from the shock and awe of seeing my future Romanian girlfriend, supermodel Catrinel Menghia, in a wonderful lingerie photoshoot for Lise Charmel (posted here), we have a whole slew of new, uber sexy swimwear photos with this girl to make you go back to drooling.

This time she’s showing off her perfect little body for the 2012 swimwear collection from Peter Kahn and, even though she’s showing off the usual amount of skin we’re used to see, she’s still freaking gorgeous. Seeing this babe and her ridiculously sexy curves in probably anything could still make you gawk at your screen like a fool, because she looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing.

Actually any of Catrinel’s photos may do more than just make you gawk and drool, they could make you forget about anything else.. your tasks, your girlfriend and so on. At least that’s what’s happening to me whenever I get to see a new batch of photos with this peach.