20 Jun 2017

Cars: The Real Route 66 Behind The Animated Movie (2 of 2)

Almost all millennials will agree that the vehicular themed movie Cars has been part of their childhood and have tremendously influenced their views about cars and all sorts of vehicles in land sea and air. What is good about this movie in general is rooted to three main details that make this movie incredible.

The first one is that this movie is created by Pixar, the animated studio that have endeavored in creating incredible three dimensional animated movies featuring out of this world ideas as well as in showing different sort of creative angles in viewing the world.

Secondly, the movie were able to show us that everything in this world even those who are not exactly breathing have their own life of itself and manages to have it through giving it soul by enchanting it through values for beauty, aesthetics, sentimentality, and most importantly love.

And lastly the movie itself is based, inspired, and made from an existing and real life mother road called the Route 66 which houses tons of history of the American culture. With that being said and in honor of course of the great road that yielded our favorite car themed movies, here is an article dedicated upon the behind the scenes facts of the movie.

Route 66 The “Mother Road”

To start it off, as we have mentioned in the above paragraphs the road Route 66 is an actual existing road that stretches through several states. However, two of the states that are found along the mother road have the both inspiration as well as the setting where Radiator Spring is actually located.

Radiator Springs The Town Of Wonders In The Mother Road

To be honest the town of Radiator Springs is an actual fictitious and is only used in the movie for an aesthetic quality. However the location on where it is based is rather a perfect mix of the Peach Springs in Arizona, as well as the Baxter Springs of Kansas. This place is what we would call as the great vein towards the center of the wild west.