27 Dec 2010

Caroline Francischini in lingerie is a fantasy come true

Caroline Francischini La Senza

And… the lingerie bonanza from La Senza continues today with this new hottie (for us) who goes by the name Caroline Francischini. I know you what you’re thinking right now, you wonder who the heck is this amazing girl you’ve never heard of, right?

She’s a new Brazilian sensation and even though she’s only 21 at the moment, she already rocked the minds of many people around the world. This peach has won her first modeling contest when she was just 13 and since then her tits grew up I guess, her body became as lovely as a sunny afternoon and her popularity is growing day by day.

She was already featured in Elle and in numerous ad campaigns and fashion shows but this is probably just the start. So… here’s one of my favorite new Brazilian supermodels, Caroline Francischini, showing off her tight little body for the newest collection of La Senza lingerie.

As you can see, she’s looking insanely sexy in this skimpy lingerie and her body is hands down one of the tightest I’ve ever drooled over. Enjoy!