9 Apr 2012

Carmelo Anthony sinked the Chicago Bulls in overtime

I think last night was one of the few times I actually watched a New York Knicks game from start to finish and enjoyed it as well. It was a thrilling game between the Knicks and the Chicago Bulls, with Carmelo Anthony scoring a game tying three at the end of the four quarter and a game winning three in over time for a wonderful 100-99 victory.

Since the Bulls were on the first place in the Eastern conference and the Knicks were in the last playoff spot before the game, we’ve had a spectacular preview of a potential first round playoff match last night and it actually looked like a playoff match. With Carmelo scoring forty three points (the most since he’s in New York) and current MVP Derrick Rose finally back in a game for the Bulls.

D. Rose almost led his team to victory, thanks to a 29 performance that helped his team charge back from a 21 point first quarter deficit to a nine point lead of their own in the fourth quarter. And that happened while rookie Iman Shumpert had one of his best games, with 15 points and four steals while blocking Derrick for most of the game and forcing him into eight turnovers.

The Bulls should’ve won the game, since they’ve had a 9 point lead in the fourth with just a couple of minutes to play but failed to make a couple of plays and also missed 4 free throws in the final seconds (Luol Deng and D.Rose) that could’ve snatched the win. Both teams will meet again tomorrow in Chicago and I hope the next game will be as awesome as this one.