7 Dec 2010

Carla Ossa was created for us to gawk at

Carla Ossa BonPrix 1

And the lingerie bonanza continues today with my favorite Colombian supermodel, Carla Ossa, unleashing her bodacious curves for BonPrix lingerie. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve became a huge fan of BonPrix in these last months.

Ever since I’ve seen that drool inducing photoshoot with Johanna Krupa om BonPrix lingerie, I just knew they’re damn great. Apart from designing some of the world’s naughtiest/sexiest lingerie, they also have amazing tastes in women and they select some of my favorite hotties to model for them.

Just yesterday we’ve posted an incredible shoot with Brazilian supermodel Elisandra Tomacheski posing for BonPrix and today I’ve found out that.. my favorite Colombian babe, Carla Ossa, also posed for them. In sexy lingerie, making me droll all over my keyboard. And probably you too.

I’d usually go on telling you guys how freakin’ hot is the girl we’re talking about, but these photos will probably speak from themselves. Enjoy!