26 Oct 2011

Carla Ossa leaving very little to the imagination

Holy Mother of Batman !!! Here’s one of my favorite models, the uber hot Carla Ossa, doing what I’ve imagined her doing in my dreams many, many times. Nope, not exactly that, the other thing.. showing off tight little body and looking drop dead sexy in a variety of skimpy lingerie pieces while she’s waiting for me at my place.

Hot damn, she looks even sexier than I imagined in these brand spanking new photos from BonPrix. I think I might have seen some of these photos before but most of them are new and.. will drop your jaw straight to the floor. She’s so freaking cute and so freaking hot in the same time.

She has the kind of awesome little body that makes me weak at the knees and, since she’s Colombian, you probably know that she has a lovely Latin accent as well that could make us melt in a matter of seconds. Umm, just found a video on youtube with this peach talking a bit and I was damn right!!! Just a couple of words and a lovely smile is enough to make you fall for this girl.

Sit back and relax ’cause there are over 120 photos with this peach you’re going to check out..