19 Mar 2013

Carla Ossa jumps in skimpy lingerie, makes me squirm

Oh my, here’s my one-time uber crush, Colombian supermodel Carla Ossa, finally unleashing her sexiness once again in a breathtaking set of lingerie photos from BonPrix. Believe it or not, it’s been almost one year since the last time we’ve had the privilege of drooling over this peach and her rollercoaster curves so I’m sure you probably imagine how happy I was this morning when I’ve found this new photoshoot with her.

Carla was at one point one of my favorite models, and you can see why by looking at any of these shots. Obviously, she looks freaking hot, but I used to see her posing in lingerie pretty often a couple of years ago and, you know.. looking at that body in lingerie really often will make you fall for her instantly.

And it’s not just her body in lingerie.. this girl looks drop dead gorgeous no matter what she’s wearing and that smile is one of the main reasons why I dug her and I still dig her today. It’s a damn shame that we don’t get to see much of her lately, but I hope that these new lingerie shots will be just the first batch we’ll see with her in 2013. Looking forward to see more!