29 Nov 2011

Candice Swanepoel’s killer curves are a gift from god

Hello sunshine! It feels like it’s been ages since the last time we’ve featured my future wife, Candice Swanepoel, in here (it’s been just 12 days to be more exact but that’s a decade in hot chick time) so.. guess what? Today we have brand spanking new photos of this scorching hot blonde bombshell, in lingerie, in swimwear, from front to back.

So here she is in another super hot photoshoot for Victoria’s Secret showing off her drop dead sexy and perfect curves once again which look like they must have been created after someone took a survey of men from all over the world on how the perfect woman should look like.

I love everything about this girl and that’s exactly why I’m planning to marry her in the near future. I didn’t want to think of getting married until I was like.. 30 but this peach and her incredible hotness changed my mind. That’s all I had to say… enjoy!