22 Jun 2012

Candice Swanepoel makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

Yaaay, it’s Friday already! Guess who’s posing in skimpy little lingerie in this fine Friday morning !? It’s in the title d’oh.. Actually, I’m pretty sure these pics were taken a couple of days, maybe even weeks ago, but they came right in time to make our Friday even better than it normally is. You can’t go wrong with Candice in lingerie and a new set of photos with her is surely awesome.

So… here’s the always eye popping Candice Swanepoel looking like the definition of perfection once again in Victoria’s Secret lingerie. I’ve probably gushed over thousands of photos of this blonde hottie in lingerie and.. she still manages to zap me into a zombie-like state of drooling every time I see a new photoshoot with her. That’s quite something, right?

She’s the hottest little minx in the world right now and if I could see her in lingerie every single morning I probably won’t complain about that. Actually, I’m pretty sure you won’t say ‘no’ to that either, eh? Enjoy!