27 Jan 2012

Candice Swanepoel looking so freaking hot it hurts

I can’t believe this… Almost one month has passed from 2012 and we still haven’t posted any new photos of the world’s most incredible supermodel, Candice Swanepoel, this year. We’re really, really sorry for that but we have a sweet collection of her latest photos that should make up for lost time.

Here she is unleashing her killer hotness in a variety of brand spanking new Victoria’s Secret photos wearing nothing but skimpy lingerie. Gosh.. you guys would be hard pressed to see a hotter girl than Candice Swanepoel today. Seriously, one look at any one of these photos and I’m sure you’ll all agree that this babe is perfect to a “T”.

We’ve even named her the hottest girl in the world last year and that’s saying a lot, considering there are billions of women on this planet. It’s true that most of you had another favorite but you did agree that she’s freaking hot and I’m sure you’re totally digging her, especially when she’s oozing sex appeal in every single photo like you’re about to see right now. Enjoy!