15 Dec 2011

Candice Swanepoel looking like a sexy little minx again

Gosh, we’ve had a ton of visitors the other day but the site was slow as a snail once again. I was damn happy because it was one of the best days ever but in the same time I was pretty upset because the site was so damn slow. But I hope we won’t have this kind of problems in the future again.

Having said that.. here’s my absolute favorite hottie, Candice Swanepoel, looking all kinds of sexy for Victoria’s Secret once again.. and I mean ALL kinds. I can’t believe we’ve had two weeks without any posts on my love (which is considered against the law in 37 states) but .. I’m freaking glad she’s back in our attention with a new batch of screaming hot photos.

First off, we see her prancing around in an assortment of sexy bikinis that are doing one hell of a job of complimenting this girl’s amazing body and second.. we see her looking adorably hot in a few lingerie photos as well. Pfff.. now that’s a whole lot of hotness! Enjoy and.. try not to drool all over your keyboard, we’re talking about my future wife here, ok?