13 Oct 2011

Candice Swanepoel looking insanely hot in sexy lingerie

Just a week ago I posted a couple of breathtaking Candice Swanepoel lingerie photos that featured some of the sexiest little outfits I’ve ever drooled and.. judging by the views that article had (and any other article with this peach), you guys enjoyed the hell out of them as well.

Well guys and gals, today we have another batch of wonderful lingerie photos with this peach, thanks to Victoria’s Secret. So.. here’s Candice Swanepoel looking like her usual uber cute little self and like the girl of our dreams while modeling lingerie for VS once again.

Now, I’ve said it many times before and I’ll just say it again: this girl is the definition of perfection for me and these photos are just another example as to why I say that. I’m going to stop right here ’cause I don’t know what else to add, so.. enjoy this gallery and try  not to drool all over yourselves. Cheers.