1 Jun 2010

Candice Swanepoel is the hottest Beach Bunny

Candice Swanepoel Beach bunny 1

Ok, I confess: I’m addicted to candy. Not actual candy because that would probably make me super fat and weird, I’m actually talking about Candice Swanepoel who, as you probably already know, is sweet is as candy! This peach is my favorite supermodel and every time I get to see some fresh pictures with her my day gets a lot better.

I can’t really find the right words to describe how much I like this girl. Her drool inducing hotness is just enough to drop anyone’s jaw straight to the floor and even though some might consider this girl a bit too thin, I think her groovy body is just perfect.

I’ve seen many many pictures with Candice Swanepoel wearing all kinds of clothes but the ones that impressed me the most were lingerie and bikini pics of course. And today, we’ve got Candice in a bikini looking hot as usual for your viewing pleasure.

So, here’s Candice Swanepoel showing off her amazing hotness in a sexy photoshoot for Beach Bunny Swimwear.