30 Jan 2012

Candice Swanepoel is a drool-inducing bikini goddess

Guess who’s back in our attention already? It’s… the hottest supermodel on the planet right now, Candice Swanpoel!!! We’ve posted a scorching hot lingerie photoshoot with this bombshell on Friday (here) which you guys, not surprisingly, totally enjoyed and now.. just a weekend later, she’s back in our minds and dreams with another mind blowing photoshoot for Victoria’s Secret, this time in sexy bikinis!

Prepare yourselves for a total gush fest because this peach looks like an atomic bomb of a hottie in here. I’m in a loss of words right now because I’ve probably said everything there is to say about Candice, but even if I wasn’t.. words just can’t do this girl justice. She’s sweet as candy and every time I get to see a new batch of photos with her I’m in love.

And, if you ask me, she’s the definition of sexy which is saying a lot considering the fact that I gawk and comment on supermodels on a daily basis. Ok, I need some air right. I’m out in 3, 2,1..