28 Apr 2010

Candice Boucher is sweet as candy!

Candice Boucher 1

South Africa seems to be the best country to visit this summer especially if you enjoy football and your country’s team qualified for the World Championships. 32 teams from different countries will play for the title in about one month and a lot of crazy fans from all over the world will come to support their favorite team and have fun. That means some of the craziest parties will probably be in South Africa this summer and that’s a serious reason to visit it even though you think soccer is boring.

South African chicks are another reason to love this country and in these last years I’ve seen quite a lot hotties from this country that were hot like supernovas. Just one month ago I’ve seen the first pics with Candice Boucher at our friends from Brobible and my jaw went straight to the floor!

This babe was already featured in FHM, GQ, Cosmo, Sports Illustrated, Elle and just this month she appeared in the local Playboy magazine. A girl who made it to that many mens magazines must be smokin’ and from there pics you will probably love her.

So, here we have a swimsuit phothoshoot with Candice Boucher where this babe is showing off her groovy little body in some amazing bikinis. Unfortunately these are just medium quality, but it’s just enough to see how hot she is.