2 Nov 2017

Cancer Risk Factors You Didn’t Know About!

It is not a big secret that there are a LOT of things that put us at a higher risk to get cancer in the modern world. Pollution, stress, fast food…these are all a given. But we can’t really avoid them as much as we want to, right? Aside from these three big guys though, there are still other things that can put us at a higher risk to get the Big C. Fortunately for us, some of these can be easily avoided, if we are simply made aware. And that is exactly what we are going to do today.

We are going to share some of the cancer risk factors that you might not know about yet!

Your job. There are cancer risk factors that your job can easily contribute to without even meaning to. For one, sitting for extended hours is a big no-no. Here are the numbers: 8% increased risk to get cancer, 6% increased risk for lung cancer, and a whopping 10% increased risk of endometrial cancer. And it doesn’t even matter if you are physically active most of the day! Which means that gym membership doesn’t really make much difference. The human body is simply not made to sit long, is all.

Another job-related cancer risk is working the night shift. Men are even at a higher risk than women. Simply put, we need to sleep at night, and for eight hours. Sleeping for longer than ten hours is not healthy too.

Your favorite cup of joe. Or you know, your cup of tea. Drinking anything that’s super hot (or above 149 degrees Farenheit, to be more specific), actually encourages cells to regrow, and if you do this on a regular basis, they are forced to regrow faster than their natural pace, which can lead to tumors and ultimately, cancer.

Your lunch. Well, if it involves rice, that is. Unwashed rice. Apparently, rice contains small traces of arsenic which can actually be easily removed by rinsing. Arsenic, in really low doses, shouldn’t cause you any health problems at all, but it’s another thing if you eat rice every day and you cook it without even giving it a quick rinse.

You know what, do the same for all your raw food. Always give them a good wash right before you cook them or worse, put straight into your mouth. You’ll never know what type of harmful pesticides and residue might be hanging around in there. It’s better safe than sick.