31 Jan 2012

Can anything else go wrong for Sidney Crosby?

Sidney Crosby had his career thrown off track in the 2011 Winter Classic when he suffered a concussion after a hit from David Steckel, a former Washington Capitals player. He went back in to play more games, and took another hit just 4 days later in a game against Tampa.

Now I’m all for athletes to tough it out and play though the pain with bruises and bumps, but head injuries are nothing to mess with. Head injuries are fairly common in hockey, and they can end careers just as easy as any other injuries.

Crosby is a star and a hugely talented player, but he has recently received a neck injury that will further slow his recovery. Crosby had some great plays on his return from the head injury, including an awesome 2 goal and 2 assist battle against the Islanders, but he is back to rehabilitation and recovery after receiving the neck injury.

Can anything else go wrong for Crosby? Wishing him a speedy recovery! Until he’s back.. you could check out this video with 10 of his best plays ever.