18 May 2010

Camilla Sjoberg leaves very little to the imagination

Camilla Sjoberg lingerie 1

It was pretty hard to find some interesting stuff about Italian actress/model Camilla Sjoberg but the only thing you should be aware of and care about is that she’s super hot. Every site I”ve found seems to have different info about her and that means there are probably more chicks with the same name as her.

Camilla Sjoberg recently posed for the latest collection of BonPrix Erotic lingerie showing off almost every inch of her perfect body. We only selected the safe for work pics because we don’t want you to pass out in the bathroom or to be fired by your boss who might catch you drooling like a fool on your keyboard.

On one website I found out that she actually has Swedish genes but since she moved to Italy a while ago she’s already Italian in some ways. She looks spectacular in these sexy items and you will probably share our opinion too.