19 Dec 2013

Camila Morrone is one fresh and perfect little cutie

Camila Morrone is a hottie, there’s no denying that and we’re freakin glad to be featuring her on our new entry list here, on Brosome. We’re dealing right now with a super cute blonde babe born in Argentina and currently residing in Los Angeles, California. No wonder the weather’s so hot there, ’cause L.A. is just filled with sexy girls!

This sweetie is quite young, to my surprise; she looks like she’s 18 – and I have to wonder when and how was she discovered, since she’s now parading in front of us in swimwear outfits from Wildfox. According to her measurements, this babe is truly perfect, and judging by the looks of things and this incredible photo-shoot, it fits. She is perfect! Although, I’m a bit afraid to look any closer.

Camila Morrone is a hottie to be looked at carefully, not literally; she’s got greatness all over her and she’ll probably be a super-model in the near future, taunting and teasing the hell out of all men upon this Earth. For now, she’ll have to do with us, drooling endlessly at these nice pics and hoping she’ll return soon enough not to miss her but late enough to be legal for us to invite her for a drink. Enjoy!