7 Sep 2012

Cameron Russell looking like an ultra hottie in lingerie

Wow, wow and wow… one of the most unacceptable crimes in the modeling world is that we don’t get to see supermodel and super hottie Cameron Russell nearly enough as we should. I’d understand that if she was born in a country far, far away, but she’s actually an American sweetie, with all the right ‘features’ to make you fall for her instantly!

She’s not from Tennessee, even though she’s one of the few 10s you’ll see (had to say this one haha) and, after clicking on any of these photos, you can clearly see why we should be given a chance to gawk at this ridiculously sexy girl as much as possible, like.. at least once per week. I know if that will ever happen, but I sure hope it will.

Having said that, here’s Cameron Russell unleashing a whole lot of uber sexiness for the new lingerie collection H&M in twenty-four sizzling photos waiting to be clicked and drooled over. Enjoy!