26 Oct 2012

Cameron Russell jumps into sexy lingerie once again!

Here’s the criminally underrated Cameron Russell looking uber sweet and sultry while posing for the new collection of skimpy lingerie from H&M. Now this peach is easily one of the hottest models from the US that most of you guys and gals don’t even know too well yet, and you can easily see why I say that by looking at any one of these drop dead sexy photos, especially the top photo.

And these awesome photos below. Hell, she looks stunning in every single photo you’ll find with her and it’s a damn shame that she isn’t as popular as other supermodels out there so we could gush over new photos of her on a regular basis. I’m freaking glad the guys at H&M picked her to show off their lingerie because this girl in hotness amplifying lingerie is a vision of perfection.

Having said that, I’m gonna stop here and let you guys enjoy these drool inducing photos below and.. in case you’ve missed our previous post with Cameron modeling H&M lingerie, you should totally check that out here as well.