15 Jun 2017

Brunch Iced Tea Tumbler: Classic Lemon Iced Tea (Part 1 Of 3)

Whether you’re a single or you are currently in a relationship, here is something that every guy must be able to enjoy: a good brunch. There is nothing like sleeping in until a bit late, stumbling out of bed, and getting a big hearty meal that is a bit too late for breakfast, and yet, a bit too early for lunch. Hence, brunch was invented.

Iced Tea

It’s funny how the notion that brunch are for couples was formed, because the heart of brunch never did belong to anyone. So, if you are not part of a couple and would still love to enjoy brunch, then please, help yourself. Prepare brunch for your own pleasure. And to help you out with that, we have come up with a series of articles that would serve as your perfect drinking companions during brunch. Iced tea.

Find below the recipe of the classic, lemon iced-tea, and watch out for more articles in the series. Enjoy!


Eight cups of hot water in a teapot

Six tea bags of your choice

Three lemons

Lemon zests (from the three lemons)


One cup of boiling water in a heat resistant container (for the simple syrup)

Pitcher full of ice


*Put your boiling or hot water inside a teapot or any heat resistant container. Put in your six tea bags and stir it into the hot water gently. Prepare the lemon zests by lightly peeling it off from your lemons and slowly putting it inside the tea mixture and let the mixture steep for five minutes, beware not to let the mixture steep any longer unless you love the bitter after taste that the tea can give.

*After steeping the tea and zest mixture, carefully remove the tea bags and lemon zest from the mixture (you can set aside the tea bags for later and have it chilled inside a clean and dry container in your chiller and put it over your eyes while you are sleeping, since it has detoxifying effect on your skin as well as helps in promoting a good night’s rest.) . Let the mixture completely cool down.

*While the tea mixture cools down start creating your sweetener for your iced tea by adding honey into your boiling water. The amount of honey may vary according to your taste. Stir in the sweet mixture until the honey completely dissolves into the mixture and create simple syrup. And let it cool down.

*once everything has successfully cool down, prepare concocting your iced tea. Slice your lemons into wheels and carefully place each of them inside your pitcher filled with ice.  Add in your simple syrup. When that is done start pouring in the tea mixture into the iced pitcher, stir and enjoy!