12 Jun 2017

The Brunch Box Special: Buffalo Style Calamari With Ranch Dressing Dip (Part 1 Of 2)

Having a lovely day are you not lads? Well, if you do let’s make it even more special and a deal lot lovelier than it already is by giving you  a series of article dedicated towards our most favorite meal in a day which is brunch. Whether you are single or not, it is already a given fact that every one of us enjoy brunch since it is the soulful combination of breakfast and lunch. Wherein you can mix and match every single food menus during the morning and noon, and create something wonderfully delectable.

Buffalo Fried Calamari With Ranch Dip

Eating brunch so far allows you the luxury of time to enjoy and contemplate upon your eating experience which would eventually help you in the long run towards your other parts of your life that is also needed our attention towards living a soulful life. So in service of our love for brunch here is a series of brunch recipes that will make your brunch enjoyed in a whole new light.

This recipe yields up to two to four servings of Buffalo Calamari


A pound of Calamari

One and one half cup of butter milk

One cup of flour

Two teaspoon of salt

Two teaspoon of paprika

One teaspoon of black pepper

One teaspoon of garlic powder


One fourth cup buffalo sauce

Ranch dressing

Carrots and lettuces cut in to sticks


*In a large utility bowl mixed the calamari and buttermilk and marinate it by letting it chi ll in the fridge for thirty minutes. Remember that you make sure that every slices of calamari is being coated the butter milk before chilling it.

*while the calamari mixture is getting chilled for half an hour, prepare the other coating ingredients in a another utility bowl. The dry ingredients that you are going to be mixing are the flour, salt, paprika, black pepper, and garlic powder. Mixed the flour mixture until the seasonings  are properly distributed.

*Once the calamari mixture is done chilling for thirty minutes you can go ahead and bring it out from the fridge and let each slices of calamari be covered with the seasoned flour mixture thoroughly.  Heat an  oil in a frying pan over medium high heat. When the oil is heated fry your calamari until it is golden brown in color. Put the fried calamari in a bowl filled with buffalo sauce and coat them evenly with a spoon. Plate the calamari in a serving plate together with carrot and celery sticks and a small dipping bowl filled with ranch dressing.