19 Dec 2016

The Brosome 2016 Holiday Gift Guide: The Top Ten Gifts Of All Time (4 of 4)

Were you able to get the perfect gifts for your closest friends and family already? You should. I don’t mean to pressure bro but time is running out. Hence, to end this year’s Brosome Holiday Gift Guide, here’s a final boost of inspiration, straight from the vaults of history itself.

10. The Winning Ticket

Starting this list with a bang, here’s a rather unconventional gift…or tip, rather. Police detective Robert Cunningham enjoyed hanging out  at a pizzeria in New York. Instead of giving a tip, he promised to share half of the winnings of his lotto ticket. Whadyaknow. They won! Maybe that’s the secret to winning the lottery. Good karma and trying to avoid tips.

9. Cadillacs As Gifts Ala Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley just loves Cadillacs so much that he can’t keep them for long. He constantly gives them away to family, friends, and even to a total stranger! How about you, what kind of car would you want to give me for Christmas? A total stranger. If you like to become friends with me, that could be arranged.

8. Marilyn’s Roses

Joe Di Maggio showed his great love for Marilyn Monroe through flowers. Long-stemmed red roses, to be exact. Think you can top that? Wait a sec. This story’s far from finished. He proved his devotion even until Marilyn died, sending six long-stemmed roses three times a week to Marilyn’s crypt for twenty years AFTER her death.

7. A White Elephant

As a gift from King Manuel I of Portugal, he sent a rare white elephant to Pope Leo X from India, all the way to Rome. How rare was this elephant? A symbol of good luck, this is almost as rare as finding a real unicorn.

6. Rose Trellis Egg

The Russo-Japanese War ravaged the world. What did it mean for the Tsar and the Tsarina? NO EASTER EGGS. Cue in with a Southern accent: “Oh how awful!”. So in order to surprise the Tsarina, Tsar Nicholas II gave her a gold, pink, and green enamel egg encrusted with diamonds.

5. Savannah, GA

Kicking off the higher part of the list, we have the best Christmas gift given to a bro by another bro. The Union General William T. Sherman wanted to give President Abraham Lincoln the perfect Christmas gift and he knew just the thing – Savannah, Georgia along with guns, ammo, and cotton.

4. The Orlov Diamond

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That was Count Grigory Orlov’s belief when he gave Catherine The Great a ridiculously big rose-cut chunk of diamond. Well, he wasn’t mistaken. Cat took the diamond with pleasure and even encrusted it to the Romanov scepter. He didn’t win her heart though. Too bad he wasn’t a diamond himself. He would have had a better chance.

3. Lady Liberty

Nothing spells friendship more than Lady Liberty herself. Yes, this grand statue that has become our country’s symbol was really a gift of friendship from France.

2. Taj Mahal

Okay. I’m going to be honest here. This is not really a gift but a memorial. But you have to admit, it’s a damn good afterlife gift. That’s one way of putting it. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan got the majestic Taj Mahal made as a mausoleum to house his beloved wife’s remains. It’s made of entirely pure white marble encrusted with the world’s most precious gems.

1. Hanging Gardens Of Babylon

Now here’s a gift that any gentleman would find hard to beat. His wife was feeling rather homesick of her home in the mountains. The solution? Build her a mountain-like garden that rose  hundreds of feet high from the ground. Thanks for ruining it for all of us Nebuchadnezzar II.